Lowering Maintenance Costs

Doing the maintenance well is the way to make it faster and achieve better results. In DME we know it and therefore we have several devices to deliver you the best maintenance solution.

We cover devices for testing, cleaning and preservation of cooling channels, quick and safe mould manipulation, assembly and disassembly and also faster set up of the mould. Check our solutions for these tasks to perform them even better then now.

EcoONE-Series - standardized hot runner melt delivery system

Conformal Cooling

DME CleanCare

Mould Bases and Plates

DME iControl™ Hot Runner Insulation

BAKRA - Quick-action Clamping System

Mould Service Table - OptimTable

DME EZ Stack Ball Screw Centering Device

LT-Series - LifeTime Roller Locks

Variotherm Technology

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