Variotherm Technology

The Vario system directly from the specialist

The world‘s first fully integrated vario system


  • reducing cycle time
  • improving parts quality
  • reducing energy consumption
  • lowering maintenance costs
  • digital connectivity
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Today‘s injection moulding processes require the highest level of accuracy, the best quality and the fastest cycle times. In more and more cases, these requirements can only be achieved with variothermal technology. That is why we offer you device that is optimally adapted to it. It does not require any additional valve stations and it is including the integrated separate return line!

This means that the process water from the tool is always returning into the right cycle. This can save up to 40% of the energy, especially with multiple tools. And it shortens the cycle times for heating and cooling as well. The removable touchscreen helps you with set-up or pro-cess optimization. It can simply be placed anywhere just with connecting a longer LAN cable. The magnetic feet make it easy to set up on the control panel of the injection moulding machine. Variotherm is compatible with any mould, but works best together with conformally cooled moulds.

The Variotherm by DME offers from start to finish:

  • Simplest setup processes: 4 hoses are going to the tool, where they are connected to form a flow and a return. It´s only cooling water, electricity, compressed air and the connection to the injection moulding machine which has to be done. The Variotherm automatically adapts to the conditions
  • Simplest process management: In the temperaturecontrolled process, the operator enters the necessary parameters for the injection and demolding temperatures via the touchscreen on the machine. The process adapts. The operator always sees every detail of the process
  • Extremely fast heating and cooling times due to large water reservoirs and temperature differences
  • Lowest possible energy consumption: The Variotherm heats or cools the mould. But not both at the same time. And the heat transfer medium water is returned back to the correct circuit line. Together with the frequency control of the circulation pump, up to 40 % energy is saved and resources are conserved
  • Simple, fully automatic shutdown and cooling of all hot components and contents
  • Reliability and durability of the high-quality components by reducing them to what is necessary for Variotherm.
  • Remote maintenance by simply connecting to a network: The Variotherm independently builds a VPN tunnel to the factory and enables immediate diagnosis via extensive sensors worldwide

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