Mould Components

Our products continue to set the highest industry standards in tooling technology against which, all others are compared.

With DME Mould Components you will get high quality, quick availability plus a wide range of types and materials. Our Mould components offer covers virtually all possible components any moulder can need. Explore our eSTORE to learn more about DME standard components range.

DME Components are DIN compliant.

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DME Mould Components range cover all steps in part moulding - from melt delivery through to mould alignment and adjustments to cooling and ejection - from START to FINISH and BEYOND.

Along with our extensive portfolio of standard components, at DME we are also able to customize selected components. Ask us if you have specific requirements and our experts will help you.

With DME Mould Component comes an extensive online CAD library - a necessity for all mould and part designers. With DME CAD resources, your work will be much more convenient and fast. We have CAD resources supporting several major CAD systems used in moulding industry.

General Mould Components

Select anything you need for building your mould. Components like sprue bushings, locating rings, shoulder screws, hoist rings, dowel pins, springs, mould clamps and many others.

Mould Ejection

You can find many different types and sizes of ejection pins, sleeves, flat ejector pins including types with DLC coating or vented pins. Selected ejector pins are also available in both metric and inch sizes.

High Precision Custom Components

DME has been a reliable partner for standard components for decades, but we also excel in custom components. Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures that our components meet your exact standards and deliver consistent performance.

Mould Cooling

Cooling is usually the longest part of cycle time. In DME we know it and therefore we offer wide range of cooling components from fittings and plugs to complex couplings. Major european standards are covered by the DME portfolio. You can find cooling components for virtually any application you may need. There are flowmeters, waterflow regulators, water manifolds, several types of fittings and multicouplings.

For the most advanced cooling solution, look at our Conformal Cooling.

Pre-Engineered Components

Next to basic components we also offer a range of pre-engineered components. In the pre-engineered components offer from DME you will find various lifters, collapsible cores, unscrewing devices, coarse pitch axles, ejector couplings, two-stage ejectors, mould/cycle counters, latch locks, hydraulic cylinders and many others. All of them are listed in our eSTORE.

Guiding Elements

For all DME plates, we offer wide range of guiding elements and other components. Explore DME eSTORE, which is your One-Stop-Shop 24/7 online mould eshop.

Standard components from steel and low maintenance components from brass and graphite.

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