Components Extension March 2023

Our range of compression springs now includes round wire springs with load from light to very heavy. The range of guiding elements for the sliders is extended with standard Guiding stocks, Self-lubricated guiding stocks and Self lubricated slide plates.

New solutions for connection between sliders and hydraulic cylinder such as Coupling set for hydraulic cylinder or separately Coupling pin for hydraulic cylinder and Counter piece for coupling pin are now available. In addition we have implemented Shims for installation in parting line in Round and Rectangular shapes. For safe manipulation with the mold you can choose our newly added Tool safety device or part of adjustable lifting device Distance bolt. To solve the cable management on molds we have introduced Cable retainers.

Further, for fixation of cavity and core insert in frames we are delivering Position wedges in wide range of dimensions. Two new types of our Linear ball bearings for ejection packets provide you more options in mold design. Cooling range expanded to include Extensions pipe with thread. Our portfolio of retainers is also extended with Spring-loaded locking screw with higher spring force.

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