DME on Fakuma 2021

Another great milestone at Fakuma 2021 with DME introducing over 18 new & original products. Including the new S-Collapsible Core which is exceeding our customer's expectations! Our decision to focus on Cost Saving Engineering Solutions supported by fully digitalized webinars has proven to be highly appreciated by our customers.

DME's mission over 80 years has been to support its customers "Every Step of the Way" by reducing cycle time, waste & energy. Thinking about the overall full cost of ownership we received very constructive & positive customer feedback.

During our webinars we covered a wide variety of different themes these included, Mould design up to Mould Maintenance supported by several DME’s unique solutions such as FreshStar Purging Solutions, premium collapsible S-Cores, Accualign Lifters for ejection parts with undercuts and many others.

"This was one of the most successful Fakuma Exhibitions ever" quoted Denis Poelman, Managing Director DME Europe.

"Customers have been impressed by our wide variety of Solutions from Mould Design, Heating and Cooling. This included mould maintenance as well as the ease of doing business 24/7 supported by our online eSTORE." TIRAD is DME's high precision mould base manufacturer & they had a large plate on display, manufactured to a tolerance of 0.008 mm, you can check other details about TIRAD here. This was fitted with mould components that are available ‘off the shelf’ through DME's brand new European distribution centre located in Czechia.

To complete its offerings to the Market, DME introduced the next European DIN Standard of mould bases and components, the F-series. This offers the widest portfolio for mould bases and components on the Market.

Denis Poelman said customers appreciated DME being the single Global partner offering "Any Mould and Components Standard". The result is a unique ‘One Stop Shop’ supported by the main CAD design software providers worldwide.

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