DME Precise Machining by TIRAD

High Precision Custom Mould Plates and Bases

Your Supplier for High Presicion Custom Mould Bases

TIRAD benefits for your custom mould bases and plates:

  • Clean Enviroment for Machining
  • Excellent Quality of Machining
  • Reliable Supplier
  • Top Precision
  • Full service
  • Pre-assembly of selected components into your mould - Benefit from wide range of DME Standard Components
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Benefit from Cooperation with DME

Our Customers We serve a global customer base including leading manufactures in the following markets:

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Caps & Closures
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Thin Wall Packaging
  • PET Preforms
  • Technical Parts

Your Benefits

  • Precision & accuracy
  • Design and produce more complex parts
  • Optimum control of wall thickness
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Use less resin per part
  • Longer mold life
  • Increase your production capacity
  • Wide range of DME Standard Components and mould pre-assembly

Our Advantages

  • Over 140 highly-skilled employees
  • Programming from 3D / 2D or paperless production from 3D only
  • Sizes up to 2300 x 1500 x 1000mm, 3500 kg
  • Extensive selection of steel grades
  • We also accept customer supplied material
  • Multiple high-precision 3- and 5-axis machines and latest CNC technology for drilling, roughing and finishing milling, grinding etc.
  • 10 microns accuracy
  • Fully equiped 3D measurement system and comprehensive inspection record with every plate
  • Fully climate controlled plant
  • Mold base assembly including components
  • ISO9001 certified

TIRAD products

  • Complete manufacturing of plates and frames
  • High-precision CNC machining of plates, frames and components
  • Base, insulation, clamping, ejection, sealing and guide plates; hot-channel plates, hot channels; distribution blocks with cavity recesses — all in high quality and matching the drawing documentation.
  • All machines used for machining are CNC.
  • Assembly of plates based on mould assembly drawings, with the option to obtain standardized and other small parts.
  • Heat treatment of plates (hardening, annealing, nitridization) + other modifications, such as anodizing and coordinate grinding.

Our technology, skill and know-how in your service

  • Quality and high precision
  • Easy communication in English, German, French and Spanish
  • Short delivery times (we hold to 6 to 7 weeks long-term)
  • Quick reaction to design changes requested by the customer (in the order and production process)
  • Offer within 2 business days
  • Regular customer service
  • Regular visits to the customer and to TIRAD, including company presentation, factory tours, and possible customer audits
  • An individual approach to each customer (meeting the diverse needs of every customer, special requests for production, design, and more)
  • Assembling and offering standards for moulds
  • A wide range of material qualities per customer request: 1.2085; 1.2312; 1.1730; AlMg4,5Mn; Roy Alloy, 1.2343,
  • We also offer special operations, such as plate hardening and annealing to remove internal stress.
  • We can work straight from 3D models (without 2D drawings) with a colour table of required tolerances.
  • For monitoring programmed NC code, we use the VERICUT system to prevent possible contradictions during programming
  • We offer a capacity reservation system for customers.
  • TIRAD is certified under EN ISO 9001:2009/9001:2008.
  • All our machined panels are measured on our CMM Wenzel machines, and logs can be provided on paper or in electronic form as PDFs.
  • Each machine operation is backed up to at least three machining tools, so we can deliver and meet customer requirements even if there is a sudden failure.

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